The Veea Group apprenticeship delivery suite

exists to aid organisations’ with digital transformations, continuous improvement, sustainability agendas and diversity & inclusion. All our apprenticeships, training and delivery models are bespoke, created around the needs of an organisation and can be delivered nationwide.

Through either upskilling existing employees or attracting new cohorts through our digital academies we are able to reduce organisations’ skills gaps, improve employee retention and enhance diversity
& inclusion within the workplace.

Veea Group’s offering and approach is unique. Having created, implemented and managed apprenticeships schemes for leading organisations’ across the UK, we entered the market to provide a solution that better fits the needs of employers, provides clearer communication to all parties and better aligns the usability of the Apprenticeship Levy to the strategic needs of an organisation.

Digital Apprenticeships – Where an organisation’s strategy is to leverage technology to drive innovation, our apprenticeship pathways create a bridge between the digital strategy and front line delivery. The model delivers scalable, organic company-wide growth in the knowledge and utilisation of data and digital skills. Our apprenticeships include Data Analyst, IS Business Analysts, Software Engineering, Devops, Cyber Security, Testing and Project Management.

D&I Focused Apprenticeships – Veea Group’s D&I focused apprenticeships enable organisations’ to create a more diverse workforce and inclusive culture through utilising the Apprenticeship Levy. We offer a unique 6 step approach, creating tailored career pathways based on 14 types of diversity.

Our 6 Step Approach

Step 1: Students complete a business skills, employability and industry insights program designed to create an immersive and experiential introduction to a company.

Step 2: Students partake in virtual or in-office work experience, shadowing or internships to get a clearer understanding of the company, roles, pathways and culture.

Step 3: Companies offer successful participants a place on their apprenticeship scheme. Prior to joining, participants complete a corporate readiness skills academy to ease and simplify the transition into employment.

Step 4: Apprentices complete their apprenticeships under the tutelage of Veea Group. Included in each apprenticeship is the further delivery of soft skills and emotional intelligence training.

Step 5: Upon completing the apprenticeship Veea Group continue their support and guidance, creating a personalised development plan for each participant. The PDP includes enhanced and more complex soft skills training to aid professional development.

Step 6: As ‘Apprentices’ progress in their career and move towards a leadership or technical specialist position, they complete a second apprenticeship tailored towards to the next step in their career again facilitated by Veea Group.