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What was the challenge?

Sugarman worked with Veea Group to help with their graduate network and increase efficiency in their recruitment process.

The main aim of the campaign was to assess a large volume of candidates interested in the recruitment industry and invite graduates they liked into their internal recruitment process.

1: Objective:

✓ Provide Sugarman with a high volume of pre-screened candidates who were interested in a sales or recruitment role.
✓ The intention was to allow Sugarman to assess a group of graduates that had already been identified as suitable candidates. This would mean the internal recruitment team at Sugarman were using their time most efficiently.

2: Strategy:

• Veea Group used its graduate network to pre-screen those who were interested in recruitment. Invitations to an assessment centre were then sent out to those candidates that were suitable.
• At the event, candidates participated in three exercises designed to showcase their suitability. These included; group exercises, presentations and roundtable discussions.

3: Results:

✓ Candidates Pre-Screened: 180
✓ Candidates Assessed: 90
✓ Candidates Successful: 10

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