Women in Business

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What was the challenge?

In 2017, Veea Group worked with a variety of FTSE 100 companies to increase gender diversity within their graduate schemes and positions.

The aim of the campaign was to provide businesses with a socially inclusive way of hiring. Veea Group held a Women in Business Employment Event, bringing together some of the brightest female students in the UK for a day of business exercises and networking.

1: Objective:

✓ Use the Veea Group university network to invite second and third-year students to a Women in Business Employment Event in London.
✓ At the event, candidates would be asked to take part in a series of exercises that would help demonstrate their business acumen.
✓ After the assessments – which were judged by representatives from FTSE 100 businesses – candidates were invited to a networking session where they had the opportunity to speak with leading companies.

2: Strategy:

• Businesses that were attending provided Veea Group with their graduate entry requirements. Once candidates had been pre-screened and assessed by Veea Group they were invited to the Employment Event. Businesses were not sent CV’s of the students attending until after the event.
• The Veea Group strategy eliminated any prejudgment or bias from the process. Candidates participated in three exercises designed to showcase their suitability. These included; group exercises, presentations and roundtable discussions.
• After the exercises, businesses were invited to meet and converse with the candidates they felt would be suitable for their companies.

3: Results:

✓ Clients such as RBC, HSBC, EY and KPMG were able to assess and network with female students.
✓ 100 candidates attended the event.
✓ 8 businesses attended the event.
✓ 55 candidate profiles shared.
✓ 95% of candidates would recommend the event.

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