How candidates stand out at assessment centres

Posted by Fred Tomblin
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Employment events and assessment centers can be challenging. A lot of the time, candidates will be focusing on how to best complete exercises without understanding the tasks have been designed to demonstrate your personality. For many of these exercises, there are no right or wrong answers. As a candidate, your main aim is to ensure you stand out.

It may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many candidates attend a Veea Group Employment Event unprepared. Having basic knowledge of the industry you’re interested in and the companies that are attending will help you stand out and appear engaged. This preparation should sit outside of the exercise preparation, for example, presentations.

This is a point we always raise in the NSG Workshops. It’s so important that candidates ask questions throughout the event. There are plenty of opportunities within the exercises to speak interesting dialogue. The most obvious instances are in the roundtable discussions and networking sections of the event. Additionally, asking questions to your peers when they’ve completed presentations is a wonderful way of showing your engaged and interested in their topics.

For the majority of Veea Group clients, the networking session with candidates is the time they find most valuable. Networking gives companies the chance to interact with candidates on a more personal level. They can ask deeper questions about someone’s background and interests. With this in mind, it’s a great opportunity for candidates to engage in meaningful conversation. Asking questions about their business, the role and about company culture is a wonderful way of showing you’re interested. It’s always worth asking for their business card too!