How outsourcing part of your graduate recruitment can increase your D&I

Posted by Fred Tomblin
Next Step Pattern

More and more businesses are talking about the importance of diversity and inclusion at the graduate level. Very few are changing their recruitment processes accordingly.

In order to be truly diverse and inclusive, a business must be unbiased. They need to assess candidates on a level playing field without prior knowledge of background, gender or postcode. This is, of course, difficult when dealing with internal application processes. Our biases naturally come to mind, even if we don’t want them to!

Over the past few years, Veea Group has provided clients with an effective diversity and inclusion recruitment solution. Our Employment Events put pre-screened candidates through a series of assessments and networking exercises designed to demonstrate business acumen.

Our partners are invited to the event where they have no prior knowledge of the candidates’ backgrounds or experience (entry requirements are outlined prior to the event to ensure employee standards are met). Following the event, clients request the CV’s of the graduates that impressed them. Requested CV’s are shared with the employers.

Our events provide candidates with the platform to display their personalities before a decision on their employment is made. The Veea Group methodology ensures that candidates aren’t assessed solely on their CV’s. By inviting clients to a ‘blind’ assessment day, Next Step Careers can guarantee no prior bias.

This type of solution cannot be done through using internal recruitment processes. Naturally, at assessment centres companies will look out for candidates with the best grades or experience and discriminate against those they don’t recognise. Only representatives from outside your business will be able to pre-screen candidates without prejudice.