Interviews – The Art of Questioning  

Posted by Fred Tomblin
Next Step Pattern

When it comes to an interview, most of your preparation is spent on what questions you may get asked by the interviewer and how to best answer these. However, plenty of time should be spent preparing questions that you want to ask the interviewer.  

Asking intelligent questions is crucial for a successful interview as it shows your interest and passion for the job and company. Failure to ask questions shows a lack of confidence, little interest and poor preparation. You should be able to have a core base of questions you can use when interviewing, refining the questions for each business.

Our top 5 questions to ask an interviewer are:
– Can I ask what made you join the company?
– What would be my biggest challenge if I began working here?
– What would I need to do in my first year of employment to be successful?
– What does the career progression look like for new employees?
– Something specific to the company in question.

Naturally, you will do your research on the business that you are interviewing for. Make sure your research goes deeper than looking through the company website. Have a look at the industry you are going into. Are there any new regulations that may effect the business? Is the industry changing and evolving? What affect will this have on the business?

These specific questions will be the catalyst for a well-structured discussion. The questions you ask are also important for you to learn more about the company you are applying for. Do you see yourself growing your career at that company? Does the role excite you?

We rush into getting the first job we can, but you need to understand why you want that job and why you want to work for that business. All of this begins with a question.