My Experience at a Veea Group Event

Posted by Fred Tomblin
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In the lead up to my employment event I wasn’t too sure to expect. I had prepared a brief presentation about a subject I know lots about, Making the Perfect Mojito. However, I didn’t know how I’d react to a room full of companies and other graduates.  

As I entered the venue, I was given my name badge and was asked to have teas and coffees with my peers in one of the many rooms of Home House. I started to move around the room and introduce myself to the forty other candidates attending, quickly realizing that they were all from different backgrounds. Some had flown in from abroad to attend, there were others who didn’t live too far away from me in Leeds and a few who knew each other from school and university sports circuits. However, a desire for a career in finance was one thing we all had in common.

Fifteen minutes past before representatives from Vee Group briefed us on the exercises for the day. First, we’d be conversing with the various companies in table discussions centred around current affairs and finance. Secondly, graduates would be split into groups and asked to complete a group exercise (today’s task was to design an iPhone for 2030) and lastly, I’d be presenting my knowledge around Making the Perfect Mojito.

The exercises seemed to go smoothly, I felt I had managed to convey my personality in the table discussions and argue my points in the group exercise – I had been told by Veea Group that these were the qualities employers would be looking for. As for the presentation, I managed to project and speak clearly. I was pleased my subject matter received a few light-hearted giggles.

Once everyone had finished, candidates and companies were invited for teas and coffees to give everyone the chance to network. This was my opportunity to meet representatives from companies I knew so much about – EY, HSBC, RBC – to name a few. Throughout the networking, I was careful to ask intelligent questions about day-to-day life in the business as well as company structure and ethos. Following conversations, I was able to pick up business cards and contact details of the companies I was interested in joining.

Soon after I left for home, I had been told by the team at Veea Group that my CV and contact information had been requested and shared with multiple businesses who attended the event.