Schools will now be required to publish their career programmes, how can we help?

Posted by Fred Tomblin
Next Step Pattern

There’s more attention than ever on school leavers. From September 2018, schools will be required to publish their career programmes. This, alongside a decision on whether to pursue an apprenticeship or degree, means school leavers are making their career choices younger. With this in mind, it is important that school students are fully informed of the career paths available and feel prepared to enter a professional environment.

At Veea Group, we’re dedicated to progressing student development and employment. As a result, this year we’ll be launching our Summer School. Curated by Student Recruitment Managers at global businesses, this five-day employability and work experience camp is designed to prepare students for professional life.

Intended for 16-24 year-olds, The aim of the week is to provide students with enhanced employability skills, real-life demonstrable work experience and in-depth careers guidance.

Each day of the camp is designed to be completely immersive and interactive. Every morning, students will receive employability training to provide them with the skills needed for a successful job application. Each afternoon, students will work with different companies completing tasks and exercises that provide them with tangible achievements and responsibilities for their CV’s.

Our Summer School students will gain experience with a wide variety of businesses ranging from FTSE 100s through to SMEs. No two companies will be from within the same industry. This ensures get an eclectic experience. The employability training is designed and delivered by Student Recruitment Managers from the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers giving students unparalleled insight into what organisations are looking for and what their recruitment processes entail.

Throughout the camp, students will gain insight into all areas of the job application process:

-CVs, Cover Letters and Application Forms
-Presentations and Elevator Pitches
-Psychometric, Behavioural and Situational Testing
-Telephone, Video and Face-to-Face Interviews
-Assessment Centres

At the end of the week, students will partake in a presentation ceremony and be awarded a recognised employability award. All students will receive a detailed feedback report and have access to ongoing employability support and careers advice through Next Step Graduates.